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Setting new milestones in Healthcare Product Marketing & Distribution Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of investing in basic healthcare infrastructure in every country. The Indian government has promised to increase its spending on healthcare from 1.2 percent to 2.3 percent of GDP by 2025 making it the fastest-growing sector in the global market. A marketing and distribution management team, Medikon India specializes in healthcare products with over two decades of experience. The company has cemented its position as a preferred marketing consultant and mastered efficient supply chain distribution management of healthcare products, services, and medical devices.

Bridging the Gaps

The major problem that most clients in the healthcare industry are facing maximizing their reach by ensuring that their products are available in most parts of the country in a timely manner. One of the significant obstacles is the limited time that clients have to maximize their business for new molecules or proprietary products due to the expiry of patents or due to various other generic available. Medikon overcomes this challenge by providing the relevant intelligence, data, and market information to help clients make the best go-to-market strategies. It collaborates with clients to develop effective strategies and provide timely feedback on ideas to augment the best solutions, leveraging its extensive network and relationships with various stakeholders in the healthcare industry to facilitate distribution and expand the clients’ reach.

Since its inception in 2000, Medikon has focused on building a strong reputation and expanding its distribution network. In 2012, the company opened its first branch office in Lucknow to target new regions and markets and invested heavily in infrastructure, talent, and technology to support its growth. Medikon has five branch offices with over 60+ employees from diverse backgrounds serving more than 20 clients and 100+ hospitals on a PAN India basis. The firm works with over 20 companies to bridge the gap between manufacturers and public health hospitals, providing the latestinformation and assisting with go-to-market strategies. “Our ability to simplify the complexities of healthcare in India and supplying to various government entities also makes us uniquely positioned to support companies in maximizing the business potential by achieving market access in critical markets”, says Anuj Bhatiani, Co-founder at Medikon.

Medikon India offers a wide range of healthcare services and solutions that can be customized according to the client's specific requirements. The company's activities start with identifying business opportunities and continue through the final realization of business through various modes of purchase in the public market. Medikon provides consultation services to clients and undertakes the entire process of marketing and distributing goods to hospitals across India.

Medikon also specializes in healthcare product marketing consulting services, assisting companies in creating demand for their products in the Indian public market. The company's understanding of the healthcare industry in India makes it the perfect partner for companies looking to enter the Indian healthcare market. Medikon also offers go-to-market strategies, partnering with healthcare product manufacturers or service providers facing challenges in gaining a foothold in the Indian market. Medikon's large and vibrant network across states in India makes it the perfect choice for supply chain and distribution management services for healthcare products and services. The company provides Indian market entry consulting services, serving as the strategic partner for any global healthcare brand looking to enter the Indian market, both for the public and private sectors. “Our domain expertise in procurement processes and best-in-class supply chain management is poised as the perfect bridge for new market entry. We are specialists in various segments including cold chain products, vaccines, Lab reagents, Eye care products, and more, which makes us a specialist in entire healthcare products”, speaks Rajat Bhatiani.

Medikon India, with over 20 years of experience in healthcare product marketing & distribution, has a strong reputation & efficient supply chain management, with a growing distribution network & investment in infrastructure & talent

Leveraging Scale & Domain Expertise

Medikon India has several differentiating factors that set it apart from its competitors. It is the only vendor in the public health market to have implemented SAP, which ensures that all data are maintained transparently, making the organization almost paperless and reducing the lengthy paperwork process. The company’s approach is also noteworthy, with 60 percent of its time devoted to strong planning, which is shared with the team. The remaining 40 percent of the time is devoted to timely follow-up to ensure that goals are achieved. Medikon's expertise liesin its knowledge and people trained to handle the complexities of public market health procurement. The team has worked for more than two decades in specializing itself to master the various procurement, bidding and documentation process. The company's specialized team handles the entire documentation and bidding process. The diversified human intellect working with the company for over a decade brings rich experience from various reputed multinational and Indian pharmaceutical companies. The company works in a wide area of operations, including oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology, respiratory, endocrine, psychiatric, neurology, vaccines, gynecology, lab sciences, and others, making it unique in its ability to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Medikon India aims to expand its operations in the public market, including ESI, Railways, and AIMS. The company will collaborate with multinational companies for research-based products and work closely with hospitals and doctors to provide the best global solutions at competitive prices to improve patients lives.