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Our Amazing Journey

Medikon India Pvt Ltd has come a long way since its inception, starting with a humble office and a warehouse and now being a leading Marketing and Medical Supply Distributors with a PAN India presence. We have been associated with various global pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies for more than 2 decades and have specialized in Public Health Market. We have moved from supplies of Generic and General medicines to various Proprietory drugs and Specialized equipment and therefore increased our presence to various departments including Opthalmology, Endocriology, Lab-Sciences, Neurology, Gastrology, Oncology, Cardiology.

At Medikon, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service & solutions to our customers and ensuring that all needs are met. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with companies that are open to exploring new ways of expanding their reach within the Institutional healthcare market. As a reliable Medical Supply Distributor in India, Medikon India Pvt Ltd excels in Pharma marketing. We ensure pharmaceutical companies reach the right audience with comprehensive solutions that are committed to excellence. Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide innovative solutions that can help our partners maximize their potential in this ever-changing landscape.

2 decades of presence as a Medical Device Supplier





Our Amazing Journey

Medikon was incorporated with a humble beginning of 5 employees and a turnover of Rs. 2.7 million in the first year.

DPP-4 inibitor





Breakthrough entry for DPP-4 inhibitor

Medikon was successfully associated with a leading DPP-4 inhibitor manufacturer, a novel medication for treatment of diabetes and was successful in making it available for the patients being treated by the Armed Forces. Business crossed more than Rs. 30 million in the year 2009. A business potential unheard & unachieved at that point of time. Last calendar year 2022 the business crossed a benchmark of more than Rs. 5000 million. (Brand Name: Januvia-100)/More than 67,000 + Patients benefited with the new age treatment.

Growth of Medikon India as Pharma marketing Company in India





Growing Foot-Print

Medikon started its operation in Lucknow
Expanded its services in a range of Propreitary Drugs.
Medikon experienced its first Multi Location project of supplying 48 Blood Culture machines to hospitals spread across the country, which was conceptualised and executed flawlessly.
Pioneers in Eye care Medical Supplies Distribution





Opthal Excellence

Medikon was instrumental in making available world class Hydrophobic Monofocal IOL lenses (Tecnis-1) for the India Armed Forces.
Till date Over 100,000 successful eye implants have been performed with no reported complications.
Lab-Science: Medikon was once again entrusted with execution of Fully Automated Antibiotic Susceptibility System for 12 different hospitals at one go. Successfully running the project till date.
Leading our way to Opthal Technology Products Distribution





Opthal Excellence Continues

Launched a new category of IOL’s which was commercialized with the inclusion of Presbyopial-Correction IOL. The IOL had various advantages over the convention IOL and till date is still a breakthrough technology product in this category.
Strengthened our position in the eye care market with more than 4,000 Presbyopia correction IOL surgery. (Brand: Tecnis-Symfony)
Ventured into Endocrinology products





Endocrine Initiative

Injectable GLP-1 (Victoza) made available to the Endocrine community and diabetic patients for the first time. Once again keeping our commitment of introducing new novel medications for the patients being treated in the public health facilities
The product was used and accepted in more than 40+ hospitals across the country.
Collabrated with top US multinational for their innovative Bio Chemistry analysis. Till date one hospital has been able to save 160,000, Litres of water per year by using the cutting edge technology. Thereby contributing to the envoirment.





Initiatives Across Specialities

Ultra long acting insulin, a novel innovation was also made available for patients of the Armed Forces Hospitals. The product is being used by more than 30+ hospitals and touched revenue of close to INR 180 million per annum.
Completed a turnkey project to deploy 24 GeneXperts across the country. Our humble step towards our leaders commitment to eradicate TB from India by 2025.
Successfully delivered & installed equipment at 24 hospitals spread across the country. The installation time period was 120 days but we were able to close well within 60 days enabling faster diagnosis and ensuring the clinicians are able to treat patients well in time.





Covid Interventions

New challenges surfaced due to covid pandemic but we ensured that hospitals were well-prepared to respond effectively to the crisis.
One of our key project was to ensure the availibility of Keyturda, a novel and only of its kind Immuno therapy Onco treatment drug. It was the first Immuno-Oncology product introduced in Armed forces. The product is being used by Oncologist in various centers and since they are getting the desired results, the product is being widely used in more than 14 + hospitals. Globally the product has a revenue of more than 21 Billion USD in 2022.
SAP was implemented in April 2020, leading to paperless work and more transparency.





Strengthening Medikon

Medikon has come a long way and has establishes itself as a Dominant player in the Public Health Market.
Today we are probably the only Distribution Company to work with maximum research based organizations across various specialites in medicines, devices, implants etc.
With a Workforce of 60+, Robust System & Processes, best in class ERP System (SAP Implemented) and an Empowered Team we are all set for next Growth Trajectory.

Vision and Mission


To be the most preferred Partner for the public health market for pharmaceutical and medical device companies by leveraging our scale and domain expertise within the market place.


To ensure access to safe and affordable healthcare for everyone by providing best in class products and innovative technologies at the most affordable prices by bridging the huge gap between the Public and Private healthcare.

Our Core Values


We are committed to highest ethical standards and follow a compliant culture while undertaking our business activities.


Our diversity is the key to our ability to be creative and innovate new ways of taking products and solutions to market.


We strive to provide our employees a fair and healthy work environment through mutual trust and respect towards one and all.


We help institutions identify the best healthcare solutions to ensure holistic patient well-being, aiming to making healthcare better at all levels.

Our Business Fundamentals

Sales & Marketing

Product & Pharma Marketing

Bridging the Gap between Manufacturers & Hospitals

Sharing critical data and Market In-Sights to Co-Create Go-to Market

Specialist in market access.


Health Market

Experts in navigating through complex Public Health Procurement Process.

In depth experience in dealing within institutions like Defense, Railway, ESIC etc.

Addressing a Potential market size of USD 15 Billion


Supply Chain

PAN India Network built over the last 2 decades covering 100+ Hospitals.

Ability to reach and service any part of the country within 24 hours using a hub and spoke model.

Dedicated team of professionals to ensure timely supplies to the hospitals across India.

Built expertise to handle complex deliveries which are temperature specific i.e. From 2 ~8 degree Celsius & -20 degree Celsius.

The above created infrastructure allows quick ramp up for operating PAN India.

Our Company Culture

Set of Values, Goals,
Expectations & Practices

Medikon India Pvt Ltd stands out for its supportive organizational culture where employees are considered the most valuable assets and their health, safety and well-being are kept on the top. Medikon India Pvt Ltd does not only work for profits. Our commitment for a healthy society drives our team to achieve new heights, leaving behind conventional thoughts and being innovative to ensure the reach of a patient to a new treatments.

We make every effort to chart out clear career paths and support systems and go to great lengths to support the interest of our employees while keeping our focus on team collaboration and synergy. This collaborative and cooperative environment has helped us deal with workforce challenges and unleash the true potentials of our employees.

Medikon is today over 60+ employees spread across the country. We have offices in all major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata & Chandigarh and field sales representation in Pune, Jalandhar, Guwahati and Bangalore.

Green Healthcare Practices

Eco-Friendly Practices

We have been an environment conscious organization from the very beginning where we follow a series of eco-friendly practices throughout our functioning and processes. From going paperless and investing in healthcare technology to sustainable procurement and disposal systems, we take actions at every step to ensure environmental sustainability. Our clients and partners also adhere to compliance and industry standards contributing to a healthier world in every way.

Our Ethics & Ethos

At Medikon India Pvt Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to ethical standards and ensure that our actions always reflect them. Our employees are the backbone of the organization. We strive to ensure that our values and policies are well-documented and regularly updated, and that the employees are well-informed about them.

We have a dedicated HR to keep track of all the information and ensure it is disseminated to the entire organization. An organisation that has implemented SAP, making us the only institutional distribution company to do so. A true mark of our commitment to transparency within the organization and our global partnerships at large. Which in turn has helped us in transition towards a paper less organization there by doing our small bit towards the environment.

Our team

Leadership Team with over 40+ years Experience

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.


Anuj Bhatiani

Co Founder & Managing Director

Rajat Bhatiani

Co Founder & CEO

Our Heads

Vinod Chaudhary

Chief Financial Officer

Working Since 2013

Shweta Agnihotri

Chief People Officer

Working Since 2019

Rahul Manchanda

Chief Strategy Officer

Working Since 2000

Founded in 2000, by the dynamic brothers Anuj and Rajat Bhatiani, Medikon India Pvt Ltd is a dedicated team of highly trained professionals.

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